Position Type:

  • Lassonde Undergraduate Research Award- summer research

Position Title:

Research Assistant/summer researcher


BRG 109


Ahmed Eldyasti


CIVIL Engineering

Contact for Professor (Email, phone):

Ahmed.Eldyasti@Lassonde.yorku.ca, Ext. 31329

# of positions available:


Project Description:

Depleted energy resources, increasing worldwide energy demand, and global climate change, mainly caused by anthropogenic activities of fossil fuels, can be detrimental to economic development, particularly in areas of high-energy consumption such as North America. Notwithstanding the fact that numerous efforts have been devoted to develop bio-based fuels, chemicals, and energy, it remains a major challenge to develop and optimize a sustainable integrated system that is capable of offering effective and integrated functions, (i.e. biodegradation, biomass-liquid separation, and biomass retention) along with a substantial production of different biochemicals at low-energy consumptions. The goal of this research project is to develop a novel technology targeting the production and recovery of chemical resources using novel Methanotrophic Floating Biofilm Bioreactor.

Recently, there have been intensive efforts to develop bio-based systems to produce ethanol while, other chemicals and biofuels such as methanol can also be attractive not only as gasoline blends, but also for use in fuel cells, combined with long-chain fatty acids and lipids to form biodiesel, or chemically dimerized to dimethyl ether (DME, also a fuel). Conventionally, methanol is commonly produced from natural gas, by chemical catalysis. The chemical pathway first involves the oxidation of CH4 to CO2 and H2 and subsequent reduction of CO2 to CH3OH. This process is considered to be energy intensive.

Therefore, the SE-FLOBB can be operated at high biomass concentration resulting in high conversion capacities, and compact reactors with lower volumes.

Duties and Responsibilities of the student:

The overall objective of this research proposal is to develop an economical, robust and efficient process to recover chemical resources in the form of methanol during the treatment of high strength organic municipal and industrial streams. These specific objectives for this research project will be undertaken by 1 PhD and 1 master students to optimize the SE-FLOBB laboratory-scale systems and evaluate the performance of this technology

Skills and Qualifications:

• Teamwork

• Ability to prepare written materials

• Ability to problem solve

• Creativity and innovation

• Goal orientation

• Interpersonal skills

• Positive attitude and behaviour

• Sense of responsibility

• Strong work ethic

• Willingness to keep learning

• Ability to manage and organize information

• Effective oral and written communication skills

Priority will be to give to students with an experimental background and hands on experience

Degrees, courses and Disciplines prerequisite*:

Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering, Chemistry, and Biology or equivalent



Are you willing to host external students? (There is an additional cost.)



16 weeks minimum

Start Date:

05/01/2018 (estimated)

End Date:

08/31/2018 (estimated)

Materials required for application:

CV, 1 page research potential & Interest 

If you are interested in this research project, please contact Dr. Ahmed Eldyasti at Ahmed.Eldyasti@Lassonde.yorku.ca, Ext. 31329.