Position Type:

  • Lassonde Undergraduate Research Award- summer research

Position Title: Research Assistant/summer researcher
Location: Mechanical Engineering
Professor: Dr. Garrett Melenka
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Contact for Professor (Email, phone):  gmelenka@yorku.ca, 416-736-2100 (extension 44189)
# of positions available: 1
Project Description:
Cameras can be used to perform highly accurate engineering measurements. Two measurement methods that use cameras include Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). Example DIC and PIV measurements are shown below.

DIC is used for strain measurement while PIV is used for fluid flow measurements. A small table top demonstration unit is required for instructing best practices to perform DIC and PIV measurements. Image acquisition and processing software will also be required to support the DIC/ PIV demonstration unit. The designed demonstration unit must be small and portable to allow for easy transportation.
The PIV/ DIC demonstration unit will be used for demonstrating advanced mechanical engineering measurements to undergraduate and graduate students. The demonstration unit will also be used for student recruitment and other faculty demonstrations.
Duties and Responsibilities of the student:
Develop demonstration experiments for Digital Image Correlation and Particle Image Velocimetry. Using SolidWorks, a table top demonstration using will be design for manufacture. Detailed drawings of components will be generated. Custom parts and component will be fabricated in the Lassonde Machine shop.
Custom image acquisition and analysis software will be created to acquire and process images collected using the demonstration unit.
Investigate and develop a camera based system with application to position measurement of wind tunnel if time permits.

  •  Create detailed drawings and solid models for DIC/PIV system
  •  Design and fabricate DIC/ PIV measurement system
  •  Present design results in regular meetings
  •  Analyze DIC/PIV images using open-source analysis software

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Solidworks for component design
  • Matlab, Python or other similar programming languages
  • 3D Printing/ Manufacturing skills

(Interpersonal Skills)

  • Student should be able to work within a team environment.

Degrees, courses and Disciplines prerequisite*: Mechanical Engineering
Stipend: TBD
Duration: 16 weeks minimum
Start Date: 05/01/2018 (estimated)
End Date: 08/31/2018 (estimated)

If you are interested in this research project, please contact Dr. Garrett Melenka at gmelenka@yorku.ca