Position Type:

  • Lassonde Undergraduate Research Award‐ summer research

Position Title: Research Assistant/summer researcher

Location: BCEE 328

Professor: Hossein Kassiri

Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Contact for Professor (Email, phone): Email: Hossein@eecs.yorku.ca

# of positions available: 2

Project Description: 

Development of wireless data and power telemetry links for implantable brain machine

interfaces: Epilepsy, Parkinson and Alzheimer’s disease are a few examples of

neurological disorders that affect over 100 million people across the world. Many of

these patients cannot be cured by pharmacological treatments or brain surgery, and their

only option is brain machine interfaces (BMIs) that are used to monitor brain activity

and suppress undesired neurological events using detection-triggered electrical


In Integrated Circuits and Systems Lab, we are developing various implantable brain

neural interface microsystems used for various applications. A common need for all of

these devices is the ability to receive power and communicate data wirelessly. This

requires design, simulation, and experimental validation of circuits and systems for lowpower

high-throughput data communication and inductive power reception.

Duties and Responsibilities of the student:

The successful candidate(s) will work with a PhD student to simulate and characterize

various prototypes of described design and evaluate their performance in terms of power

transfer efficiency, bit error rate, and transmission throughput.

Skills and Qualifications:

The student should have the following qualifications:

- Familiarity with electronic circuits and systems.

- Good understanding of electromagnetism.

- Experience with COMSOL or HFSS would be a big plus!

- Self-driven and interested in the field of radio-frequency electronics.

Degrees, courses and Disciplines prerequisite*:

- Required: EECS 2210

- Preferred: EECS 3611 and 3604

Stipend: TBD

Duration: 16 weeks minimum

Start Date: 05/01/2017 (estimated)

End Date: 08/31/2017 (estimated)

If you are interested in this research project, please contact Hossein Kassiri at Hossein@eecs.yorku.ca.