Runa Patel is a third year psychology student from the faculty of health at the York University. Runa Patel is spending summer working on the Enabling Media for Literacy” (ENAMEL) research project   in Dr. Melanie Baljko’s laboratory. The main focus of her project is to    encourage learning Braille among particularly children with visual disability by developing and evaluating low-cost digital technologies including 3D printing, Raspberry Pi, Arduino as well as open source software. This summer she will be contributing through user-centered design approach of pilot testing and data collection of a device. This will improve accessibility   of a device so that it can be widely used among the screen reader users to improve their quality of life for person with disability.   In addition, she will be developing story narratives which include the occurrence of alphabetic characters. It is important to Runa Patel as it will promote importance   of braille literacy in her community.