Position Type:

  • Lassonde Undergraduate Research Award- summer research

Position Title:

Research Assistant/summer researcher


435 Petrie Science and Engineering Building


Sunil Bisnath


Earth and Space Science and Engineering

Contact for Professor (Email, phone):

sunil.bisnath@lassonde.yorku.ca, 416.736.2100 x 20556

# of positions available:


Project Description :

To support Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) measurement processing algorithm development.  The project will involve assisting on-going research to significantly enhance the positioning and navigation performance of new GNSS chips for commercial and safety-of-life applications by means of measurement processing algorithm improvements.

The student will work with a team of doctoral students in a wide array of tasks including: new algorithm testing, validation and refinement; field testing with new low-cost GNSS chips; hardware-in-the-loop lab testing with a GNSS signal simulator; and data analysis.

Students interested in satellite-based positioning and navigation in general and hot topics such as autonomous vehicle navigation should consider applying.  This project will allow for an excellent engineering research experience, working with leading researchers in the field, and employing the latest hardware and software and research ideas.  A terrific springboard to graduate school.

Duties and Responsibilities of the student:

Literature review.  Coding.  Field work on Keele Campus.  Data analysis.

Skills and Qualifications:

(Technical Skills)

Knowledge of Global Navigation Satellite Systems, e.g., GPS.

Coding training and experience (e.g., C, C++, Matlab, Python).

Knowledge of optimal estimation, e.g., least-squares, Kalman filtering.

Data analysis training and experience.

(Interpersonal Skills)

Strong communication skills (technical writing, presentation).

Independent worker.

Hard, efficient worker.


Taken ESSE 4610.  Knowledge of Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Degrees, courses and Disciplines prerequisite*:

Current BSc or BEng students in Geomatics Engineering, Geomatics Science, and potentially related undergraduate training in Engineering, Computer Science or Physics.



Are you willing to host external students? (There is an additional cost.)



16 weeks minimum

Start Date:

05/01/2018 (estimated)

End Date:

08/31/2018 (estimated)

If you are interested in this research project, please contact Dr. Sunil Bisnath at sunil.bisnath@lassonde.yorku.ca, 416.736.2100 x 20556.